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that kid in the corner with the book [userpic]

Metella in atrio sedet

April 13th, 2008 (02:57 pm)

And once again, Doctor Who is genius~!!! XD I watched with sister_stick this week ('cause she'd come over for tea after work, and ended up staying 'til supper time), and it's really, really great to have someone to exclaim over how wonderful David Tennant is, & the fact that it's Pompeii!

Donna is great~ she asks all the random geeky questions fandom's been guessing about since DW started up (talking in Latin under the influence of TARDIS-translation!!!). I don't know how many people on my flist recognised the Cambridge Latin Course parts, as well (or if Caecilius, Metella & Quintus were in any of the other Latin courses), but it was so weird to giggle over it with Bryony, & then think that people who watch it in other countries might not get those references~ :S.

I was convinced at one point that only Quintus would survive, & especially when Donna said "save at least one", 'cause all the others died in the CLC storyline (& Evelena wasn't even mentioned), but their all surviving made me very happy (as did the household-gods scene at the end XD )~!!!

... And then I proceeded to watch the last 4 episodes of Torchwood, which made me cry. Because!! Why did they have to kill off Tosh & Owen?! Why do my favourite characters always die?!?!?!? (&, I mean, I know Owen was kind of dead already, but he wasn't gone) D':. So, I loved the flashbacks - Ianto's entry to Torchwood was totally not what I was expecting. As was Tosh's. And Owen's, actually. It's a shame they couldn't've shown Suzie's recruitment, as well, but I don't suppose there'd've been a way to make it at all relevant to the plot.

Jack/Ianto is once again growing on me (but Tosh/Owen & Tosh/Mary are still my favourite pairings), despite my having gone off it for a while. But so is Jack/John, which makes things a little more complicated. Gray broke my heart completely - cute little kids aren't supposed to grow up to try to kill their brothers, and he was really, really cute - though I suppose I can comprehend the situation somewhat. But Jack was so reasonable about it. And this:~

GRAY: I believed you'd come... but you never did.
HEART: *Breaks*

And now I'm going to stop babbling, before I make myself cry again. )':