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5 July 1989
About Moony

Moony is an aspiring author who hardly writes anything except fanfiction. She's also just started university, so she has a mountain of essays and other such rubbish which she can’t really be bothered to do, but will have to, eventually, so she doesn’t even write fanfiction all that often. She thinks about it a whole load, though, if that counts.

Moony also draws a little, but she isn’t very good at it.
Fandoms that Moony writes for
  • JK Rowling//Harry Potter
  • Tamora Pierce//Tortall
  • Tamora Pierce//The Circle of Magic
  • James Patterson//Maximum Ride
  • Anything else that catches her eye
Moony’s livejournals

moonshadow_nal is her personal journal. Old ficcage is compiled here, and anything newer can be found at nightjar_fics.

For icons & a few larger graphics, go to doodlmoon.

Fanfic recs can be found at moonshadow_recs, and fics-to-be-beta’d are all stashed at betaworks, which is friends-locked.

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